Custom Work

It's all about custom work with Ingrained. We take wood that people deem useless and turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture. Most people wouldn't see any worth in a pallet or even care to take the time to do so. But we see each piece with value because we know the true beauty that it holds. It takes creativity, vision and skill to create our work and we put our heart and soul into each piece. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart, as we hand pick and place each piece of wood. It's not just about building furniture for us. It's  about creating something from nothing, bringing forth a work of art that exceeds your expectations. Dream with us today as we bring your idea to a complete and functionally reality. Check out some of our work below!


General Pricing for Custom Work:

- Not every exact price and piece can be listed due to the variety in size/detail that custom work entails. What one person might want is different from another. We have provided some general range pricing below but your request may not fit into the range if it exceeds certain sizes and detail.Please contact us with your specific details if your questions aren't answered below and we will be more than happy to give you a quote. If an item you want is not listed or you don't see specific pictures of it, that doesn't mean we can't make it. Please let us know anything custom you want built and we will give you an honest answer if we can achieve that for you.

    Dining Room Table

    100" x 40" rustic table         - $1800.00 (detailed design top)       - $1500.00 (straight plank farm style top)

    72" x 36" rustic table          - $1400.00   (detailed design top)       -$1200.00  (straight plank farm style top)

    Dining Table Bench Seating

    90" x 18" bench for larger table          - $600.00 (detailed design top)    -$450.00 (straight plank top)

    66" x 18" bench for smaller table        - $450.00 (detailed design top)    - $350.00 (straight plank top)   

  Coffee Table

    Range price due to difference in size and detail             $400-$800.00

 Entry Way Table

   Range price due to difference in size and detail             $400-$800.00

Office/home desk

  Range price due to difference in size and detail                $400-$2000.00

  -There are so many dimensions to a desk, ranging from how many drawers, sides or no sides, size, etc... We explain that so that              there is a reference point with our range pricing. Please make your specific requests known for an accurate quote.

Headboard for bed

   Range price due to different bed sizes and designs         $450-$650.00

Night stand table

   Range price due to different size and detail                      $250-$400.00

TV stand/cabinet

   Range price due to different sizes                                     $800-$1500.00

Pallet accent wall

   Contact us for pricing in regard to your wall project.