Welcome to Ingrained! We make custom furniture out of reclaimed wood. We also rent rustic tables for your wedding or event. All of our furniture is made with high quality craftsmanship, high attention to detail, and beautiful design and execution of every piece. We take pride in every project we work on as if it were our own because building is our passion. Building something beautiful out of nothing is an amazing thing to be a part of and it’s gratifying not only to the eyes but to the soul.

  We don’t back down from any challenge that is presented to us. Whether you find what you like from our products or inspiration from other designs, we will take any project and produce a beautiful result. Building things makes sense to us and we would love to be part of bringing your dreams to a reality in your space.

    The products we use for the finish process are 80 VOCs, which is very low. VOCs are solvents that get released into the air as the finish dries. Within 72 hours, this product is done releasing those solvents. Most oil based finishes are off-gassing for 90 days per coat applied.  The effects of this off-gassing on the body are well documented. So you can have the piece of mind that the finished product you are getting is safe for your home and your family.