Welcome to Ingrained! We make custom furniture out of reclaimed pallet wood. We also rent rustic tables for your wedding or event and will be adding new items as we grow. I'm sure you have seen things made out of pallet wood, either at a friends house or online. Most of the pieces out there still look in some way or another like a pallet. This is not our goal or vision. We strive to make high quality long lasting furniture that makes you say, "That's made from pallets?!" Of course if there a piece you want made that has the pallet look, we are more than happy to make it. We will build any piece you want to the custom dimensions needed to fit perfectly in your space. 

  With every piece we make, so much thought and attention to detail goes into it. We are passionate about creating each piece that we set out to build and have the clients best interest in mind. We can cater to different looks and styles that you are trying to achieve in your desired space. 

   Pallet wood is full of character and has a look to it that is certainly unique. Knowing how to capture that look and feel while also building a safe piece of furniture, is a skill set we have. When sanding, our first goal is to smooth out any areas that would cause splinters. We take the necessary time during this step and don't rush this process. We also sand to get that smooth finish you are looking for while keeping the unique character of the wood intact. Our pieces are then washed to remove any dirt and grime remaining on the wood. We then seal the wood with a water based sealer and then apply two to three coats of water based finish. This ensures a safe and smooth finish so that you can feel comfortable even eating on the surface. 

    The products we use for the finish process are 80 VOCs, which is very low. VOCs are solvents that get released into the air as the finish dries. Within 72 hours, this product is done releasing those solvents. Most oil based finishes are off-gassing for 90 days per coat applied.  The effects of this off-gassing on the body are well documented. So you can have the piece of mind that the finished product you are getting is safe for your home and your family.